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05/13/2013 (press release: forefrontnutra) // Seattle , WA, United States // Ken Roberts

“Green Bean Ketone Extreme” goes one step further. Researchers at Forefront Nutra were able to crack the synergistic code. Synergism is the effect that each ingredient has on the entire formula. In other words, each ingredient is more potent when in a combination, then by itself. The correct combination and dosage, of the right ingredients, will multiply the potency of the formula. This is a scientific fact, according to a company representative.

Forefront Nutra reports that this is the first weight-loss formula that includes these three key ingredients. Garcinia Cambogia has some excellent weight-loss effects. It will suppress the appetite by controlling food-cravings. Garcinia also increases Serotonin Levels. This neurotransmitter is responsible for mood-swings, and emotional eating. It will also modulate Cortisol Levels, decreasing stress. Belly Fat is also decreased.

Green Coffee Bean Extract is from unroasted beans,and the active ingredient is called “Chlorogenic Acid”. This compound has a profound effect on Glycemic Control, and is able to boost the metabolism without a stimulant effect. Studies have illustrated that it will slow fat-absorption from foods, and enhance lipid-metabolism.

Forefront Nutra reports that Raspberry Ketones rose to be the top-selling weight loss supplement after Dr. Oz did a segment on the substance, calling it: “A Weight Loss Miracle”. Scientists discovered that the ketones can regulate the storage of fat-cells in the body, and speed-up metabolic-rates to increase a loss of fatty-tissue. These ketones also modulate the lipid-cell hormone called Adiponectin, which results in: a reduction of high levels of fatty acids, improved fat metabolism, increase in insulin sensitivity and a reduction of blood sugar, according to the Lab Rep from Forefront Nutra.

Given the ever-increasing demand for a fast weight loss solution, the launch of the Green Bean Ketone Extreme came at the right time. Forefront Nutra, Has combined the top three ingredients Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract, Pure Garcinia Cambogia Extract, Raspberry Ketones at there most effective concentration, and dose and A True Thirty Day Supply” Forefront Nutra is proud to announce the launch of its weight loss miracle Click Here To Get 20% OFF! Discount Code HGXXHMYH.

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