The Many Uses of Brochure Printing

10/11/2011 // Riviera Beach, Florida, USA // PrintPelican // Print Pelican

Brochure printing is a highly effective advertising tool that allow businesses and organizations to make professional presentations conveniently for practically any target audience, anytime. Depending on the intended audience, the types of brochures one should use may be subjective to a number of things, which can affect what elements of customization should be included for the maximum effectiveness of a brochure. The following are examples of uses for brochures and corresponding attributes that may be included within them for the best reach.

• Supportive/ Supplemental Materials – Brochure printing can be used as items to support a presentation or sales pitch. These can also be included in presentation packages as additional reading material for those seeking specific information about a product, service, company, or idea. These are typically customized to be highly informative and should include information that relays a message without overwhelming the reader with items that may be deemed not relevant.

• Mailings and Follow Ups – Custom logos, text, and other brand building items should be included to “complete the sale” for these kinds of brochure printing. The purpose of these materials may be to elicit a response from prospective contacts or to follow up with requests for additional information.

• Takeaways – It is often helpful to design these types of brochures in more of a presentation style because these typically act as a presentation in situations where a formal one cannot be given. These are frequently left on tables, at conferences, or other events that numerous members of one’s target audience will gather.

• Point of Sale – Like takeaways, these are also often provided in place of formal presentations when they cannot be made. However, these are typically left on counters and other places frequented by individuals who are conducting business that may be unrelated to the message of brochures. For example a person grocery shopping may pick up a bank brochure while waiting in line to make their purchase. The key to making this type most effective is to convince prospects that taking the time to read about one’s offer is just as important as the business they are currently conducting.

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