The National Theatre for Children (NTC) Wraps Up Another School Year with In-Per… – Press Release

Minneapolis, MN, Aug. 01, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Halfway through summer 2023, The National Theatre for Children (NTC) looks back on the 2022-23 school year while preparing its live in-school and virtual education programs for fall 2023.

The past school year saw an increase in the number of schools that welcomed outside assemblies as COVID restrictions lessened, allowing NTC’s actor-educators to perform shows for K-12 students on topics such as energy efficiency, water conservation, financial literacy, health and wellness, electrification and the culinary arts.

At the same time, many schools opted for exclusively online programs, which NTC was able to deliver through livestream events and virtual shows. In the wake of COVID, the flexibility for NTC to deliver both in-person and digital performances was appreciated by schools and partnering sponsors, which range from utility companies to government agencies to private corporations.

Whether presented live in schools or virtually, NTC’s K-12 programs were supplemented by print and digital resources like student playbooks, graphic novels and online, interactive games. This additional curriculum aims to benefit teachers and students by aligning with state and national education standards and incorporating the creative arts along with social-emotional learning tools.

NTC’s 2022-23 programs were a success. Virtual and live in-school performances were enjoyed by 3,436 schools, including 1,925 low-to-moderate-income schools. These programs engaged about 824,500 students, 44,280 teachers and 1.06 million parents and caregivers throughout the country.

Educators’ evaluations indicated the overall impacts of NTC’s programs. Teachers rated the overall educational value a 6.62 out of 7, and 98.9% said they would like to receive an NTC program in the future. This success rate is especially remarkable in its consistency across digital and in-person formats.

Finally, the supplemental materials included with NTC’s educational…