The New Google Plus Feed Widget Released by the Team

11/07/2011 // hampshire, hampshire, united kingdom // vitriol // Ramiro Rodriguez

The team from the website announced today the release of the new Google Plus feed widget.

Fully customizable, stable and simple to use with the official Google Plus API. The widget is available as a wordpress free plugin or as an iframe code for other platforms. In terms of customization capabilities and ease of use the widget is placed far ahead of other developer’s models.

Widgplus empowers webmasters to feed the content they share on their Google plus public profile into their websites and/or blogs. Every time the webmaster shares a public post on Google Plus it will automatically be posted on their website or blog, generating new content for the site. The widget also allows users to quickly add the site owner to their Google Plus circles just by clicking on a button to view their profile.

1 click leads plus feed

The Google Plus Feed Widget has been generating a lot of buzz on Google Plus with most of the traffic finding the website from links shared on social media websites. A lot of traffic is also finding the Widgplus website through search engines and direct referrals.

“As soon as I installed it the widget cranked-up and I started seeing my Google+ posts showing up on my blog. Now I’m sharing stuff just to get the plus feed content on my site. I’ve been sharing mostly friend’s links to get them a little SEO benefit but it’s still a fun cool widget. I’ve been recommending it to everyone I know. Good job”. Walter Petersen U.S.

WordPress users can find the google plus feed widget in their dashboard by going to plugins section then clicking on add new then search for “Widgplus” After installation the widget will appear in the widgets area and a Google + menu under the settings menu. The widget can be easily customized to fit any website theme or color scheme with a few click of the mouse so that it blends in with the site and adds a unique touch that draws attention,sparks conversation and generates trust.

“I installed your widget plugin on a relatively new blog 2 weeks ago, and already got 5 contacts in my Leads circle on Google plus.Amazing job! Thank you guys. PS: Love that Google plus feeds only the public posts, so I can keep my privacy private, and my public profile on topic.” Joanna Parker U.K.

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