The OnGARD Security Door Brace Featured In the National Locksmith Magazine.

11/16/2011 // Atlanta, GA, USA // shattergard // OnGARD

Global Security Experts Inc. (GSE) (, the nation’s leading designer of proprietary security solutions for homeowners and businesses, announces its featured profile in The National Locksmith Magazine?. The article is a positive and comprehensive overview of the newly patented OnGARD™ security door brace, conceived and manufactured exclusively by GSE, and is now available through approved locksmiths nationwide. Five years in development and overseen by a team of recognized door security experts, OnGARD™ is a proven way to defend against door kick-ins that often lead to violent home invasions & burglaries.

Jordan Frankel, Founder and Executive Vice President of Global Security Experts Inc (GSE), states: “This full-page exposure in The National Locksmith?, the premier magazine for locksmiths and industry professionals, is a testament to the innovative design, proven effectiveness and affordability of the OnGARD door brace™. In fact, we have shipped hundreds OnGARD door brace`s to Locksmiths who read about the product in The National Locksmith?. These locksmiths understand that OnGARD security door brace™ is a remarkable invention that withstands up to 1,800 PSI of intense force from even the most determined – and violent – criminals. Remember: many locksmiths now consider OnGARD™ an essential ingredient in defending families against burglaries and potentially deadly home invasions. In the words of The National Locksmith™: ‘Losing your worldly possessions is one thing, losing your life is quite another.’””

Consider these frightening statistics:

* 1 of every 5 homes will experience a break-in or violent home invasion.

* In the United States alone, home burglaries and invasions take place every

15 seconds.

* 78% of break-ins occur forcibly through a locked door or window.

Without OnGARD™ a door frame will splinter and separate from a deadbolt during a home invasion. Specifically, an average sized male using a 5-pound sledgehammer can quickly destroy the door frame and/or deadbolt with just a few swift blows, making a family vulnerable to potential violence. Mr. Frankel continues: “Locksmiths respect the importance of securing a home from criminals, potential robbers or murderers who will stop at nothing to obtain valuables or harm innocent people. And it is typically the approval of locksmiths that homeowners seek regarding decisions about securing their dwelling. We welcome this opportunity to further educate locksmiths about security door braces that ultimately offer millions of homeowners the peace of mind they deserve.”

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