The only app you need to upgrade your lifestyle – Press Release


NEW YORK, Aug. 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The Scene is a pocket concierge service that matches you with restaurants, bars, clubs and cafes per your exact vibes and preferences and has guaranteed reservations available as well. The company’s tagline says it all – it is the life hack for your social life.

The founder, Ridhima Kalani, grew up across India, Singapore, London, and Dubai, with a passion for lifestyle curation came to NYU for college when she was 17 – that is when her side hustle as a personal concierge started. The number one question she would always get asked as a personal concierge was “What is the vibe going to be like” and she always found herself curating per vibes and rarely ever for cuisine area or time. She noticed that none of the existing products in the market – be it Resy or Opentable, were really solving for this problem – so it would take her minutes to hours to curate these experiences for her personal concierge members.

Kalani’s journey with The Scene officially began in January 2020 where she started to build the Instagram and do technical research however in March 2020, her grit, her vision, and her hustle were tested when the pandemic hit the world – she wasn’t sure how to make The Scene happen in a world that was shut down. An experience that could’ve been a major blow turned into a time when she successfully crowdfunded the software development cost for The Scene and launched a $100/month VIP concierge service that supplied all the real-life data points for The Scene’s software. Essentially in the crux of a pandemic, she proved that there was demand for a product like The Scene – when there was quite literally a health risk involved with using it.

Fast forward to present day and The Scene is your personal pocket concierge that matches you with recommendations and reservations within 30 seconds, has over 6000 monthly active users and raving reviews. These reviews are along the lines of the app being “super user friendly”, “useful”, “…