The place to journey in 2023: The most effective locations to go to

Where to travel in 2023: The best destinations to visit

(CNN) — New year equals new outlook. Apply this formula liberally to travel planning in 2023.

After nearly three years of travel disruptions and complications, many countries have dropped most of their pandemic restrictions. People are traveling internationally in large numbers, and there’s plenty of pent-up demand to spread around the world.

The Points Guy managing editor Clint Henderson says that now is the best time to book your dream vacation because he expects prices for flights to international destinations to go up dramatically due to a spike in demand as more countries ease Covid restrictions.

International tourism was expected to reach 65% of pre-pandemic levels by the end of 2022, according to the United Nations World Tourism Organization, with some areas recently reaching levels closer to 80% or 90% of their 2019 arrivals. And experts are cautiously optimistic about a continued travel rebound.

Many travelers are charging full steam ahead into the new year — with good…