The Ps and Qs of Custom Printing

10/19/2011 // Riviera Beach, Florida, USA // PrintPelican // Print Pelican

Custom printing is an important aspect of the day-to-day operations of many businesses and organizations, but has become an even more integral aspect of the success of their marketing campaigns. However, as with any successful project, there are certain elements that must be developed during the planning phases in order to yield the most success. The following are five rules of etiquette for developing any custom printing projects.

• Present relevant information – Too much wording on any printed piece can spell disaster for marketers. It is important to simplify the overall message accordingly.

• Question your purpose at every step – This is not to induce a feeling of insecurity, but to make sure that the purpose does not get lost in the planning. If one sets out to build recognition of their brand with brochure printing, the end result of their creation should not be printed materials that read like an instruction manual. One should seek to make sure that their materials are fully equipped to do what they are supposed to do.

• Prepare for ambiguity – Preparing for the possibility that the message garnered from one’s printed pieces will be interpreted in various ways is helpful for reaching a broad target audience base.

• Quantify the benefits for an audience – One should be able to understand what’s in it for them in taking advantage of an offer presented on a printed piece, whether there is a direct benefit from reading an item or one to be found from following outlined instructions. Leave the guesswork out of the equation.

• Persuade one to act immediately – Time is of the essence when it comes to not only getting to attention of members of one’s target audience, but also getting them to act on an offer. One should develop their materials in such as way that the feeling of urgency is induced so that printed pieces won’t wind up getting lost in the “to read later” pile of an audience base, never to be referred to again.

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