The Pulte Family Office and Former Director Pulte Take Significant Position in P… – Press Release

Year to Date Ryan Marshall Has Sold or Liquidated 171,037 Shares in Stark Contrast to the Pulte Family’s Purchases of 171,037 Shares worth $11.9 million

William J. Pulte’s Purchases Demonstrate to All Shareholders, Employees and Customers the Family’s Support of PulteGroup Amid Chronic Management Problems

ATLANTA, June 9, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The Pulte Family, the founding family of PulteGroup, Inc. (the “Company”) and former member of the Company’s Board of Directors William J. Pulte, announced today that they have taken a large position in the Company by purchasing 171,037 shares of PulteGroup, Inc, the same amount of shares sold or liquidated by PulteGroup CEO Ryan Marshall this year.

“We were disappointed to see Mr. Marshall selling large amounts of PulteGroup stock, so we decided to do something constructive about it to help PulteGroup. To show our commitment to, and support of, all shareholders that continue to believe in the future of PulteGroup we decided to invest $11.9 million dollars and buy the same amount of shares that CEO Ryan Marshall has been selling,” said William J. Pulte. “Taking a significant position in PulteGroup stock is in line with our belief that the shares are vastly undervalued, if certain things are done.”

The Pulte Family Office LLC, funded by the Founder of PulteGroup, and former PulteGroup Board Member William J. Pulte bought 171,037 shares totaling $11.9 million. Marshall’s significant stock sales occurred in the wake of PulteGroup’s termination of Marshall’s protégé, public executive Brandon Jones, who was terminated for using fake Twitter accounts to attack certain members of the Pulte family and the Pulte family itself. This conduct is now the subject of multiple lawsuits. Shortly after the executive’s departure, PulteGroup terminated a second public executive who had oversight over Jones’ activities and a subsequent investigation. While William J. Pulte and the Pulte Family had no plans of investing this dollar amount, the…