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/ The Resolution Law Group — Determining the right legal action is a complex process. The Resolution Law Group (TRLG) practices both multi-party litigation as well as individual litigation. In a multi-party suit, many plaintiffs with similar injuries at the hands of a bank come together in a single suit to litigate their claims jointly. A multi-party suit operates just as a regular lawsuit, except multiple plaintiffs have the same or similar causes of action against the bank. Each plaintiff has their individual facts asserted and are allowed to pursue their own individual resolution of the case. TRLG’s multi-party litigation actions lie at the heart at what our goals are—quality representation at a cost effective price. TRLG also pursues individual litigation on behalf of clients whose claims may not fit into our multi-part litigation actions. This may be the result of unique issues involved or the fact that TRLG is not pursuing a multi-party litigation action against a specific lender. Even if a client does fit into a multi-party litigation action, the client has the choice of having TRLG represent them individually especially in cases of Robo-Signing.

No client should be left to make the decision as to the appropriate legal action to take without first consulting legal counsel. Our team of attorneys and representatives work diligently with each prospective client to ensure the legal action best suited for their circumstance is received.
Were the terms of the ultimate loan really different than what you were told you were getting and what you understood you were getting? For too many borrowers in trouble, the answer is a resounding yes. Here are some common red flags to look for in deciding whether you may have legal recourse (examples follow):

– Missing paperwork
– Proof of Note Security
– Hidden and misrepresented payments
– ‘No-doc’ mortgages

CHECK YOUR DOCUMENTS. If you now realize your income was falsified without your knowledge, do you have a claim? “Yes—you have been lied to and deceived and have been induced by the mortgage broker to lie about your income.”

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