Therapy Works counter allegations following gruesome Islamabad murder – Press Release


Logo of Therapy Works Taken from organizations website (
Logo of Therapy Works Taken from organization’s website ( 

Well-known counselling and psychotherapy centre Therapy Works says they will be taking legal action for defamatory accusations made against them in the media following the Noor Mukadam murder case.

Therapy Works came under public scrutiny following Noor’s murder in Islamabad. Shortly after the murder news became public, it was revealed that the main suspect – Zahir Jaffer – was reportedly a certified psychotherapist with Therapy Works.

Many now believe that the organisation falsely claims to be associated with an international accreditation agency.

Since then, multiple people have come forward with their harrowing experiences with Therapy Works. On Saturday, Islamabad Deputy Commissioner Hamza Shafqaat announced the sealing of Therapy Works via Twitter

On Tuesday, Therapy Works issued a media statement on its Facebook page countering these allegations.

“We are being subjected to unfounded vitriol and baseless and false allegations,” wrote Therapy Works. It also said that the false allegations are causing distress to its students, staff members, patients, and their family members.

Media statement of Therapy Works taken from their Facebook page.
Media statement of Therapy Works taken from their Facebook page. 

Therapy Works said that they stand with the family of the victim and, “will spare no effort to facilitate the investigation of this heinous crime so that the culprits are punished as per law.”

Therapy Works, however, did refrain from commenting on any aspect of the investigation saying it deemed it inappropriate until the investigation stood “complete”.

The organisation added that they will be issuing a detailed statement once the situation permits.

No staff of Therapy Works has been detained or arrested by the police, the centre clarified.

“Our international credentials/accreditations have already been submitted to concerned authorities and are available to our students for perusal,” the group wrote.

Therapy Works announced that the legal action they will be taking may be “both civil and criminal against every person who has falsely defamed” the organisation.