Tokyo 2020: Some GB Olympic athletes ‘don’t need vaccine’ – BOA chief Andy Anson

Tokyo 2020: Some GB Olympic athletes 'don't want vaccine' - BOA chief Andy Anson

The head of the British Olympic Association (BOA) says the organisation is still “trying to convince” some athletes to have the Covid vaccine before Tokyo 2020 starts next month.

Chief executive Andy Anson said “well over 90%” of British athletes will have two vaccine doses by the Olympics.

But he also admitted “there are individuals who didn’t want to be vaccinated”.

“We’re trying to convince them it’s the right thing to do,” he added.

“People have got the right to choose, and we have to respect that. But it’s not necessarily that helpful.”

In a wide-ranging and exclusive interview with The Sports Desk podcast, Anson said the BOA had been running a “mammoth programme of vaccination of the whole entourage, well over 1,000 people… because that will lessen the risk”, but there had been challenges.

“There’s been some difficulties with some athletes who have been travelling around the continent,” he said. “I’m pretty…