Tokyo Olympics: Olympic sponsor Toyota ‘involved’ by rising public frustration over internet hosting Video games

Tokyo Olympics: Olympic sponsor Toyota 'concerned' by growing public frustration over hosting Games

With Covid-19 cases rising in Japan, citizens are questioning whether hosting such a major sporting event is appropriate, with some of those set to compete in Tokyo becoming a target.

“We have been deeply concerned by reports that athletes have become the target of some people’s frustrations about the current medical situation,” said Toyota’s Operating Officer Jun Nagata.

Toyota is one of 15 global companies that make up the Olympic Partners (TOP) program — the highest level of Olympic sponsorship — which gives them “category-exclusive marketing rights to the Summer, Winter and Youth Olympic Games.” Toyota became part of The Olympic Partner program in 2015.

“And we have been working to identify what we can do as a sponsor to help that situation because we are really concerned with the situation as a top sponsor,” added Nagata.

“We sincerely hope and wish peace of mind for all the athletes and people of this country that can be ensured, and that’s the frank and honest feeling that…