Topsoe Accelerates Global Green Hydrogen Economy with AVEVA Software – Press Release


AVEVA Process Simulation enables growth of global hydrogen production market through faster and more efficient design of solid oxide electrolyzer cells.

AVEVA, a global leader in industrial software, driving digital transformation and sustainability, has been selected by Topsoe, a leader in carbon emission reduction technologies, helping fast-track development of the decarbonization solutions needed for the production green hydrogen and other carbon neutral fuels. Topsoe will use AVEVA Process Simulation to model its Solid Oxide Electrolyzer Cells (SOECs) with a view to optimizing their design and developing their control strategy.

To achieve global NetZero targets, a rapid decarbonization of all industries is essential, however not all of them can be easily electrified. These industries are often referred to as the hard-to-abate sectors and include heavy transportation such as shipping and aviation but also carbon intensive industries like steel manufacturing and petrochemical production. The challenge is finding and replacing fossil fuels with carbon-free alternatives. This is where Topsoe can help, and by using Topsoe’s highly efficient SOEC based electrolyzers, it’s possible to produce the green hydrogen needed to decarbonize many of these carbon intensive industries. Time is of the essence, and with its flexibility, open modeling, and ease of use, AVEVA Process Simulation1 is helping accelerate the energy transition by enabling Topsoe’s engineers to design and optimize their electrolyzers with increased speed and efficiency.

Poul Georg Moses, Chief Technology Officer in Power-to-X at Topsoe, said: “Green hydrogen is essential for decarbonizing industries that cannot be easily electrified, and there is no time to waste if we’re to succeed in achieving global NetZero targets. Topsoe is already leading the way by building the world’s largest SOEC electrolyzer manufacturing facility, enabling us to deliver green hydrogen technologies Power-to-X solutions