Tower Resources Discovers New, Higher-Grade Gold Train While Drilling To Prove I… – Press Release

Tower Resources, Ltd TWRFF TWR appears to be on the brink of another gold discovery at its Rabbit North property near Kamloops, British Columbia.

While completing a second follow-up diamond drilling campaign, intended to continue proving the resource near to the location of its initial gold discovery, Tower collected two till samples 400 meters (437.5 yards) to the west of its Lightning Zone on the Dominic Lake Train.

What You Need To Know: The results of Tower’s new till samples surpassed the results of the till samples from October 2021, which the company used to guide its initial drilling program, the latter of which resulted in a gold discovery.

The samples “revealed a new, much coarser grained and thus higher-grade gold dispersal train.”

“This indicates either a new, higher-yield gold discovery or a potentially larger expansion to the total size of the original discovery,” Joe Dhami, Tower President and CEO, told Benzinga.

Tower named the new dispersal train the Central Train due to its position, lying “midway between the Dominic Lake and Durand Creek Trains.”

“Our new, gold-rich Central Train and previously announced Durand Creek Train clearly show that we have found a large gold system at Rabbit North and the Lightning Zone is not a one-off discovery. We are very excited about both the grade potential of the indicated new gold zone and its great location just 400 m from our Lightning Zone,” said Dhami.

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Why It’s Important: Overburden Drilling Management, Ltd. (ODM), the contractor Tower engaged for its till sampling and sample processing, has studied gold grain dispersal trains for almost 50 years. Through its experience, it has found that samples from the till surveys are “predictive of the grade of the bedrock source from which the grains are derived.”

The grades ODM found when completing the till surveys “of the Dominic Lake Train and its source, the Lightning Zone, uphold (that)…