Transcenta Holding (06628): Product pipeline progressing well with significant … – Press Release

HONG KONG, Sept 1, 2022 – (ACN Newswire) – As pharmaceutical reformation is underway, the importance of the innovative strength of biotech companies has become increasingly prominent, the entire industry has also formed a completely different pattern from ten years ago. Today, differentiation has also become the general trend in the industry.

Photo: Transcenta’s Pipeline, Source: Company website
Photo: Transcenta’s ICB Platform, Source: Company website

As the interim results of Hong Kong companies have recently been announced, we might as well look for potential targets from the announcements that aim to differentiate themselves and truly bet on innovation. We found that Transcenta Holding (06628) might be worthy of attention. Transcenta has a strong focus on innovative research and development, is well advanced in international clinical trials, and has multiple competitive advantages. Let’s take a look at this Company.

Dr. Caroline Germa, Transcenta’s new CMO, accelerates the development of differentiated pipelines

The core of differentiation in the industry is First-in-class and Best-in-class. In terms of pipelines, Transcenta has injected significant innovative attributes, developing the most innovative drugs such as FIC/BIC, highlighting the advantages of differentiated clinical strategy and development, which is expected to facilitate the pipeline product approval and commercialization and address the unmet medical needs.

Moreover, it can also be seen from the clinical trial overview that Transcenta’s new drug development is more oriented toward global strategy, targeting the interests of the global market, and basically the product candidates of the Company are being developed in parallel in both China and the US. This advantage is also based on the fact that the Company has a very efficient team in both US and China, with a deep understanding of the industry, covering all aspects of discovery, research and clinical trial development and manufacturing.