transcosmos assists the Tokyo Metropolitan Government in its SUTEKI MIRAI JYUKU … – Press Release


Offers business etiquette and call center agent training sessions as part of a single-parent education and employment support project

TOKYO, June 23, 2023 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — transcosmos inc. hereby announces that the company will assist the Tokyo metropolitan government in its employment support project designed for single-parent households, SUTEKI MIRAI JYUKU – Bright Future Academy – (Outsourced to: NPO Single Mothers’ Forum). Following the project season 1, transcosmos will offer business etiquette and call center agent training courses again for the project season 2.

SUTEKI MIRAI JYUKU, or Bright Future Academy, is an employment support project specifically designed for single parents run by the Tokyo metropolitan government. Through this project, the Tokyo government offers comprehensive support tailored to the requirements and aptitude of each individual, from goal setting, skill-up training, to follow-up right after employment so that single-parent households can secure a more stable job than before.

In order to assist the Tokyo metropolitan government in its project season 2, transcosmos will provide individuals who wish to acquire skills required for call center agents, with customer service training, call center tours, and round-table sessions with employees. In addition, the company will also offer employment opportunities for persons who wish to work at the centers. The training sessions are scheduled to be held on Sunday, December 4, Sunday December 11, and Friday, December 16, 2022.

Under the vision – Be the link between happiness and a wellbeing society with the power of communication – about 23,000 communicators under the transcosmos Digital Customer Communications (DCC) sector offer call center and other communication services from 34 locations across Japan. transcosmos will continue to carry out initiatives towards happiness and a wellbeing society.

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