Tropical Cyclone Asani threatens japanese India as one other brutal warmth wave continues throughout the nation 

Tropical Cyclone Asani threatens eastern India as another brutal heat wave continues across the country 

While the cyclone may bring some relief from the heat, it will be too far away to affect most of the country — and could make the heat worse for some.

Severe Cyclonic Storm Asani is in the Bay of Bengal, with winds of 100 to 110 kph (62 to 68 mph) and higher gusts, making it equivalent to a tropical storm. It should make landfall on India’s eastern coast early Wednesday morning (Tuesday evening ET), the Joint Typhoon Warning Center said.

As the storm moves on a northwest track, areas across eastern India’s central coast will feel widespread wind and rain impacts.

Asani is the second storm to impact India this season. The first storm, in March in southern India, was not named.

Slow-moving storm could bring catastrophic rain

By Thursday, the storm will most likely begin to curve more north-northeast, riding along the coast and impacting Odisha.

The interaction with land will cause the storm to gradually weaken, though it still will produce quite a bit of rainfall as it slows.

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