Tropical Storm Elsa prompts flood warning for Cayman

Tropical Storm Elsa prompts flood warning for Cayman

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Outer shower bands from Tropical Storm Elsa may cause flooding in low lying areas across all three of Cayman’s islands, weather forecasters say, and a flood warning is in effect for the Sister Islands.

In a severe weather notification issued at 10am Sunday, 4 July, forecasters at the Cayman Islands National Weather Service warned of “locally heavy showers over the Sister Islands Sunday afternoon” that would spread to Grand Cayman later in the evening.

“Elsa has produced localized heavy showers that has resulted in flooding from Grenada to Jamaica, and the current models show that we can expect a similar situation here in Cayman,” said Meteorologist Gilbert Miller.

The weather notification warns of 20-30mm of rainfall on Sunday and up to 35mm on Monday.

Forecasters are warning of flooding in low lying area from Tropical Storm…