Tropical wave drenches Grand Cayman

Tropical wave drenches Grand Cayman

A tropical wave which is interacting with an upper-level system over Grand Cayman has produced thundershowers that have drenched the island in more than an inch of rainfall.

“We expect similar weather conditions to continue throughout tonight and on into tomorrow with intermittent breaks,” Cayman Islands National Weather Service forecaster Avalon Porter told the Compass on Thursday.

In its midday forecast for 24 June, the NWS said, “Radar images show isolated showers around the Cayman area moving west.”

Porter said although only one inch of rainfall was recorded by the weather station, which is based at Owen Roberts International Airport, other privately owned weather stations recorded down more than two inches in some parts of Grand Cayman.

Doppler radar of Grand Cayman showing shower activity on Thursday afternoon. – Image: National Weather Service

“We cannot speak to the calibration of those instruments,” said Porter. “However, an informal glance of the recordings…