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02/19/2012 // Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA // kriscourtney // Kris Courtney

Muncie Indiana born Kris Courtney (Son to Norma Jean Paul and Donald Courtney) lives in Santa Fe New Mexico and has not only become a Nationally recognized Artist but also is the Author of Norma Jean’s Sun, Memoir based on a true story.

Born in a confinement of cast and isolation, Courtney talks with complete candor about the history of his family secrets and the damage left in its wake. Although currently a man with direction and purpose, it was not always the case. His path of destructive teenage years, family abuse and dysfunctional actions, ultimately have all ended with deaths and separation of family ties. Putting all this to paper however, was a challenge that Courtney knew would eventually happen, writing his first page at age 12, he continued to gather moments in time until publishing the Editors Release in December of 2009.

Excerpt Review – January 2012:

So if you felt a little ripped off by Jim Frey’s book A Million Little Pieces I strongly urge you to pick up or download Kris Courtney’s AMAZING MEMOIR ….. NORMA JEAN’S SUN !

Courtney weaves family secrets, physical & emotional challenges in a life’s journey that will leave you breathless. Faced with unspeakable physical challenges Kris Courtney moves through his life experiences sometimes bravely sometimes embracing despair but always perceiving his life challenges with a perception that will touch your core!

I was humbled by reading this book in a way that totally surprised me. All of us have our challenges in life but I was in awe not only by his conquest but also the depths to which he sunk and survived.

Mr. Courtney not only has a sense of humor about his exploits and situation but also somehow keeps his sense of right size in recalling his past.

This is not just a memoir of recovery it’s a tale of courage, family failings and devotion & discovery. One man’s detached observation of his family, himself, and life‘s twist turns and fate!

It will leave you with much more of a willingness to accept life’s insecure patterns with a zest for self discovery and adventure! Read This Book! – G. Sterling Zinsmeyer, Executive Producer

This acceptance of review, this strong emotional connection to his audience, has allowed Courtney to continue his efforts at taking this project to its next level, a Narrative Film. By using the approval and resources of KICKSTARTER, an online Seed Funding website, Courtney has begun to gather the necessary funds to start the screenplay and production of the film. In doing so, location sites are projected to include many of the Indiana towns and sites he grew up in, including Muncie.

Through the years of disability, deformities and multiple amputations, Kris has taken his courage and strength perhaps to a level few of us can imagine. Discrimination, isolation and then ultimately to his own attempt to end the pain, his artistry and painting has emerged as a world class artist and painter. With such paintings as “Finished Nude” being used as an iconic display on the international music group Coldplay’s website in 2010, to the painting “ACT” that hangs as a patriotic symbol in US House of Representatives John Boehners Office. Other works include participation in the International Art Installation “Play Me, I’m Yours” in Cincinnati Ohio.

Courtney has spent much of his time in southwest Ohio and recently in 2009 up till moving to Santa Fe in 2011, operated his own Art Gallery and Studio just outside of Oxford Ohio, home of Miami University.

Currently as an Auditing Member of Santa Fe Arts & Design, Artist member of Santa Fe Art Institute and a collective artist in other New Mexico organizations, Courtney has taken his continuous optimism and transforms his life into that of one which will continue to strive and thrive. Limited only by his economic surroundings, it is the hope that he will find the funding and energy to make another serendipitous venture and continue to entertain us with his mastering of the arts and creativity.

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