Trying via the lens: A household affair

Looking through the lens: A family affair

There is no denying that the Hollins family is supremely talented.

Some years ago, I wrote an article about an extraordinary local photographer you’ve probably heard of – Rebecca Davidson.

At that time, she had already gained an impressive professional reputation, with a resume that included local and international shoots – for weddings, in particular.

Since then, her style, personality and ability to capture unique moments have made her a much-sought-after chronicler of any special event. And now, it seems all in her household are following her lead.

Rebecca and her husband, Gary Hollins, with their children Noah (18), Shae (17), Cooper (15) and Liam (11), are officially running a family business, covering everything from photography and videography to editing and even DJing.

Early career days
To understand how the children have grown to embrace this side of the event industry, it helps to know a bit about Rebecca’s background.

For starters, photography had not been her original…