Turkey-Syria earthquake: Aged Turkish survivor rescued from rubble greater than per week after quake

Turkey-Syria earthquake: Elderly Turkish survivor rescued from rubble more than a week after quake


A confused woman asked her rescuers “What day is it?” when pulled alive from the rubble of last week’s earthquake after 228 hours, Turkey’s state-run news agency Anadolu reported Wednesday, as another woman aged 77 was also rescued from the debris.

More than nine days after a powerful quake shook Turkey and Syria, rescuers were still pulling people from the rubble, defying predictions that the time for survival had passed. On Wednesday, Turkey’s Ministry of National Defense released video showing rescuers extricating the 77-year-old woman from debris in the city of Adiyaman on Tuesday, some 212 hours after the earthquake struck.

Anadolu identified her as Fatma Gungor, and said her family hugged her after she was saved.

The other woman questioned “What day is it?” after surviving under the rubble with her two children for 228 hours, according to…