UK financial system: Rishi Sunak solely has disagreeable selections as prime minister

UK economy: Rishi Sunak only has unpleasant choices as prime minister


CNN Business

Rishi Sunak, Britain’s third prime minister in seven weeks, took office on Tuesday with a pledge to fix the “mistakes” of predecessor Liz Truss and tackle a “profound economic crisis.”

The task won’t be an easy one, he acknowledged.

“This will mean difficult decisions to come,” Sunak said in his first speech from No. 10 Downing Street.

The United Kingdom was already sliding towards a recession when Truss took office in September, as soaring energy bills ate into spending. Now, Sunak has another headache: He must restore the government’s credibility with investors after Truss’ unfunded tax cuts sparked a bond market revolt, forcing the Bank of England to intervene to prevent a financial meltdown. Borrowing costs, including mortgage rates, shot higher.

Accomplishing this goal will require delivering a detailed plan to put…