Ukraine disaster fundraiser racks up money at Rackham’s

Ukraine crisis fundraiser racks up cash at Rackham’s

(CNS): Rackam’s bar was jam-packed Sunday night for a fundraising event to support the people of Ukraine, who are fighting to survive and fighting to defend their homeland from the Russian invading army. Through a raffle and an auction of prizes donated by local businesses, CI$28,500 was raised, which will go directly to the Ukraine Red Cross.

Every penny will go to the “boots on the ground” in Ukraine to help the people who need it, said Tim Langfitt, who manages the waterfront bar. He said he hosted the event after hearing about the need from a long-time staff member at Rackham’s, Olga Korobova, who is from Ukraine.

The invasion began on 24 February and so far there have been 406 confirmed civilian deaths as a result of the invasion, according to the UN human rights office, but the true number is thought to be much higher. And with a number of cities under siege and refugees fleeing the conflict within Ukraine and heading across the borders, the humanitarian…