UK’s NCA to maintain ‘soiled gold’ moved via Cayman

Cayman News Service

Gold found at Heathrow Airport (Photo courtesy NCA)

(CNS): Over 100kg of gold worth an estimated £4 million that was moved through the Cayman Islands in 2019 has been claimed by the UK’s National Crime Agency (NCA). The collection of gold bars was destined for Switzerland via Heathrow after it left Cayman in two shipments that had arrived here on a private jet from Venezuela. The British law enforcement authority said the gold was the proceeds of drug crime, but when the suspected smugglers were tried here, they were all acquitted.

Daniel Alberto Aguilar Ferriozi, Antonio Di Ventura Herrera, Pedro Jose Benavidez Natera, Juan Carlos Gonzales Infante and local gold broker Kody Zander were accused of various offences, including money laundering and conspiracy to conceal criminal property. The case was prosecuted by UK attorney James Hines KC on the basis that the $6 million worth of ‘dirty gold’ was derived from crime, but the crown was unable to say what that crime…