UN report highlights cross-border attacks against Pakistan, increasing TTP threat after unification in Afghanistan – Press Release


UN report highlights cross-border attacks against Pakistan, increasing TTP threat after unification in Afghanistan

UNITED NATIONS: A recent United Nations report that focuses on the global threat posed by Al-Qaeda, Daesh and related groups, yet again, draws attention to the increasing cross-border terrorist threat to Pakistan from Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) operating from Afghan soil, analysts said.

The 28th report of the UN Monitoring Team submitted to the UN Security Council recently, reiterates findings of the earlier UN reports that had pointed out similar cross-border terrorist threats posed by the TTP, a proscribed group, to Pakistan, owing to its re-unification and strengthening in Afghanistan.

The latest UN Monitoring Team report also notes that the “TTP has increased its financial resources from extortion, smuggling and taxes”.

These recent UN reports back Pakistan’s strong concerns regarding the TTP’s operations from Afghanistan, prompting Pakistan to call on the international community to prevent Afghanistan’s territory from being used by the TTP, Daesh, Al-Qaeda, and other terrorist groups.

Islamabad has been particularly concerned at the strengthening of the TTP and Jamaat-ul-Ahrar (JuA) in Afghanistan as a result of external financial and material support.

Last year, Pakistan shared strong evidence of the Indian support to the TTP and JuA in carrying out terrorist attacks against Pakistan.

The Indian sponsorship and financing of such terror outfits appears to be aimed not only at undermining Pakistan’s gains against the TTP and JuA in the recent years, but also to spoil any chances of peace and stability in Afghanistan, according to diplomatic sources.

Pakistan’s security concerns emanating from terrorist groups in Afghanistan have been amplified in the backdrop of the withdrawal of international forces from Afghanistan, and there has been a significant spike in the number of cross-border terrorist attacks by the TTP from Afghanistan against Pakistan in the recent months, it was pointed out.

Pakistan continues to maintain that the deteriorating security situation in Afghanistan will allow “spoilers” to step in and undermine the peace of Afghanistan as well as the broader region, the sources said.

The UN report drawing attention to the TTP threat also comes in the backdrop of an increase in the frequency of terrorist attacks inside Pakistan.

Pakistan recently shared results of its investigations into the Lahore terrorist attack that took place on June 23.

According to a press conference held by Pakistan’s National Security Adviser Moeed Yusuf, clear evidence of India’s sponsorship and support for the Lahore terrorist attack had been found during Pakistan’s investigations.