University of Phoenix College of Doctoral Studies releases white paper exploring… – Press Release

Authors Dr. Christa Banton and Dr. Jose Garza review related findings of 2023 Career Optimism Index® study

University of Phoenix College of Doctoral Studies has released a new white paper, “Burnout as a Cause for Job Dissatisfaction,” a collaboration between authors Christa Banton, Ed.D., fellow in the University’s Center for Workplace Diversity and Inclusion Research (CWDIR) and Jose Garza, DHA, MBA, fellow, CWDIR.

Drawing upon findings of the 2023 University of Phoenix Career Institute® Career Optimism Index® study, the white paper discusses burnout as a worldwide concern related to health in the workplace, and its connection to job satisfaction encompassing many factors such as career mobility, well-being, and mentorship. The white paper proposes that to address burnout, it is imperative to understand the facets of job satisfaction and create solutions to improve job satisfaction and overall burnout.

“Understanding the consequences of job dissatisfaction and tracking an organization’s level of work-life balance can provide an early indicator of intervention to improve job satisfaction, retention rates, and decrease overall burnout,” states Banton. “Increasing job satisfaction though pay equality, creating a career-mobile environment, providing mental health and wellness programs, and promoting mentorship are ways for organizations to tackle reducing burnout and promoting an adequate workplace.”

Banton is a licensed marriage and family therapist currently working as a professor at Barstow Community College and a mental health counselor providing psychotherapy directly to students in need. She began her career as a social worker in a public health department, and later worked with formerly incarcerated individuals returning to society, and then for social services in child welfare for 13 years. Banton earned her doctorate at Argosy University. She has been teaching at University of Phoenix since 2008.

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