Unlawful drug use in Cayman altering, warn police

Drug use changing in Cayman Islands, Cayman News Service

(CNS): While the bulk of illegal drugs being smuggled into the Cayman Islands is still ganja, the police are seeing an increase in different types of illicit drugs on the local streets, including cocaine, opioids and illegal pharmaceuticals, the RCIPS management has said. The police are particularly concerned about the emergence of fentanyl, the potent synthetic opioid fuelling an overdose crisis in the United States.

Speaking at a press conference on Friday about the 2022 crime statistics, senior members of the RCIPS revealed that last year they had a visit from representatives of the US Drug Enforcement Agency to help with training and share their experiences dealing with drug trafficking and drug-fuelled crime.

Cocaine is being consumed by people across all walks of life and is no longer a white-collar drug. Police Commissioner Derek Byrne said that cocaine use is causing some of the acquisitive crime that is taking place, such as car thefts and burglary, which…