Unvaccinated cruise ship passengers will not be allowed to disembark in Cayman

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Unvaccinated cruise ship passengers, 12 years and older, will not be allowed to disembark while in Cayman, even if they have a medical exemption, according to Tourism Minister Kenneth Bryan.

Bryan made the announcement while speaking as a guest on the Compass and Rooster 101’s ‘Beyond The Headlines’ talk show on Friday, 4 March.

“[The Florida-Caribbean Cruise Association] may have medical exemptions for persons to get off in other jurisdictions, for persons who can’t be vaccinated, that is not something we are going to accept,” said Bryan.

He added, “Anybody who comes off, they are going to have to be vaccinated, unless they are below 12.”

The vaccination requirement is a part of a new set of COVID-19 regulations which are expected to be brought to Cabinet for approval next week, some two weeks before the lift on the ban of cruise tourism on 21 March.

Bryan said a press conference will be held next week, at which time the new regulations will be announced in full.