UPSIDE Foods Makes History with First Consumer Sale of Cultivated Meat in the US… – Press Release


  • UPSIDE Foods launched at renowned Michelin-starred Bar Crenn, introducing its delicious, whole-textured cultivated chicken to consumers for the first time and completing the first consumer sale of cultivated meat in the U
  • The invited attendees of this historic launch event were the winners of UPSIDE’s social media contest, who were selected for their commitment to fostering a better future. Chef Dominique Crenn and UPSIDE Founder and CEO Uma Valeti were hosts for the historic meal
  • UPSIDE’s cultivated chicken will be available at Bar Crenn through a series of ongoing UPSIDE dinner services, starting later this year

BERKELEY, Calif., July 1, 2023 /PRNewswire/ —  UPSIDE Foods, the leading cultivated meat, poultry and seafood company, announced today that its cultivated chicken – grown directly from real animal cells – has launched at the renowned Michelin-starred Bar Crenn in San Francisco, California. The historic event, held on Saturday, July 1, was the first-ever consumer sale of cultivated meat in the U.S., representing a historic milestone for the food system.

The restaurant debut of UPSIDE’s cultivated chicken followed the announcement that UPSIDE has been approved to sell its cultivated chicken in the U.S. Hosted by UPSIDE’s CEO and Founder Dr. Uma Valeti and Chef Dominique Crenn, the inaugural group of consumers were selected from entrants of UPSIDE’s social media contest based on their passion to build a better future.

“The landmark sale of UPSIDE’s cultivated chicken at Bar Crenn officially marks cultivated meat’s debut into the U.S. market,” said Dr. Uma Valeti, CEO and Founder of UPSIDE Foods. “It represents a giant leap towards a world where people no longer have to choose between the foods they love and a thriving planet. I can’t wait for more people to get their first bite – it’s a magical moment that inspires an exciting world of new possibilities.”

Diners at this historic meal were served UPSIDE Foods’ cultivated chicken, fried in a Recado…