Upswing Health partners with XTRA to enhance its virtual therapy solution with A… – Press Release

NEW YORK, May 10, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Upswing Health, a Digital Musculoskeletal (MSK) care platform has partnered with XTRA, the leading 3D AI-powered motion-tracking API provider to enhance their virtual care programs. By generating objective movement data and monitoring adherence to treatment protocols, Upswing Health aims to improve patients’ clinical outcomes.

“We have been looking for a reliable way to track patient progress in an objective way”

Founded by a team of Orthopedic physicians, Upswing Health utilizes AI powered technology and clinical experts to rapidly and virtually evaluate low-and medium-acuity MSK problems. The Upswing care team is made up of Orthopedic Surgeons, Primary Care Sports Medicine Physicians and Certified Athletic Trainers who work together to assess, treat and triage muscle and joint injuries. The partnership with XTRA aims to enhance the remote patient experience and empower clinicians with actionable data to improve care delivery.

Collecting data in a virtual care setting is historically subjective, relying heavily on patient reported outcome measures and pain scores. When evaluating movements without any quantifiable metrics, the provider is prone to errors – 46% of MSK injuries are incorrectly triaged.

XTRA’s motion capture technology will analyze a patient’s baseline functional level in regards to Range of Motion, Flexibility, Strength and Balance. Assessing a patient’s baseline ability and tracking their improvements over time will reinforce the trust in Upswing’s model of efficacy, both to their users and customers.

With 60% of MSK injuries treatable with simple self-care recommendations and guidance, Upswing Health plans to deploy XTRA’s motion tracking technology on its care management platform, available to employers, care coordination platforms and health organizations. By doing so, patients can feel more comfortable doing a routine on their own with real-time feedback being provided by XTRA. Upswing clinicians will now…