US army nuclear chief sounds the alarm about tempo of China’s nuclear weapons program

US military nuclear chief sounds the alarm about pace of China's nuclear weapons program



The Commander of US Strategic Command, which oversees the US nuclear weapons program, warned that China is developing nuclear weapons much faster than the US and called the issue a “near-term problem,” during a speech at a closed event earlier this week.

While Pentagon officials have been sounding the alarm about China’s military buildup and development of nuclear weapons for years, Richard’s comments paint the situation as more dire than other officials have stated publicly.

“As I assess our level of deterrence against China, the ship is slowly sinking,” Adm. Charles Richard said. “It is sinking slowly, but it is sinking, as fundamentally they are putting capability in the field faster than we are.”

Richard called the development of China’s nuclear weapons program a “near-term problem.”

“As those curves keep going, it isn’t…