US assesses North Korea making ready for doable lengthy vary missile check inside days as Biden prepares to journey to Asia

US assesses North Korea preparing for possible long range missile test within days as Biden prepares to travel to Asia

“The things we have noticed in the past for a launch are the things we are noticing now,” the official said. The launch site under satellite observation is located near Pyongyang. The official would not detail specifics of the current imagery, but typically, intelligence analysts look for signs of scaffolding or other launcher equipment, fueling, vehicles and personnel.

Biden sets off for South Korea on Thursday and will hold meetings with South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol before traveling to Japan on Sunday where he is set to meet with the leaders of Japan, Australia and India.

North Korea has conducted a number of ballistic missile tests this year, and US military and intelligence agencies assess Pyongyang may also be preparing for its first underground nuclear test in nearly five years.

The US now believes that a North Korean missile launch on May 4 was a failed ICBM that exploded shortly after launch.

The US also had assessed that two ballistic missile tests on February 26 and…