US defeats Russia in a battle to manage the way forward for the worldwide web

US defeats Russia in a battle to control the future of the global internet


CNN Business

The United States has soundly defeated Russia in an election to control a United Nations body responsible for shaping global internet development, a contest viewed as geopolitically symbolic amid wider US-Russia tensions and an answer to fears of growing censorship online by authoritarian regimes.

On Thursday, members of the International Telecommunication Union voted to appoint Doreen Bogdan-Martin, the US-backed candidate, as the group’s secretary general.

Bogdan-Martin, a nearly 30-year veteran of the ITU born in New Jersey, beat out her chief rival Rashid Ismailov by winning 139 votes out of 172. Ismailov won just 25 votes. Bogdan-Martin will be the first woman ever to lead the ITU.

“Humbled & honored to be elected @ITU Secretary-General & grateful for the trust & confidence Member States placed in me,” Bogdan-Martin tweeted on…