US-Morocco shared values confirmed on Throne Day

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In an official statement , Secretary of State, John Kerry offered on behalf of President Obama and the people of the United States of America,  his  best wishes to King Mohammed VI and the Moroccan people as they celebrated the Feast of the Throne on July 30.

”The United States is proud to partner with Morocco on a broad spectrum of issues ranging from cultural and educational exchanges to military cooperation. Ours is a strategic partnership, and we work together daily to advance our common priorities of a secure, stable, and prosperous North Africa and Middle East. We share a strong commitment to improving economic opportunity and prosperity for all Moroccans through efforts to develop its entrepreneurial ecosystem and educational resources” said the statement. 

”We applaud recent commitments by Morocco’s public and private sectors to create more job opportunities for young Moroccans. Our constructive engagement with the Government of Morocco and Moroccan youth, the private sector, and civil society are helping the Moroccan people realize their civic aspirations, ”added the document.

The speech delivered  to the nation by HM King Mohammed VI on the occasion of the 16th throne day focused on social and humanitarian dimensions.

For the Moroccan monarch, preserving the dignity of citizens is the ultimate goal of political and social reform.

Concerning citizens who are living  in disadvantaged areas, the Sovereign offered a pragmatic and quantifiable approach to determine the needs and necessary means to respond.

The King also addressed  the problems of the Moroccan Diaspora, particularly with the quality of services at Moroccan consulates.

In addition , the Monarch underscored the fact that Reform of education is the only guarantee to achieve sustainable development and protect society against ignorance and extremism.

Speaking to Morocco’s territorial integrity, the King said that United Nations process was bearing fruit and that the country “shall start implementing the advanced regionalization scheme as well as the development model for the Kingdom’s Southern Provinces.”

Regarding the strategic partnership with the United  States of America, The King expressed his and the nation’s deep interest to consolidate the strategic partnership which rooted in history and in common values of freedom, and justice and peace. 

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