Vaccine inequality is costing tens of billions in misplaced output

Vaccine inequality is costing tens of billions in lost output

The organizations said vaccine inequity would have a “lasting and profound impact” on the recovery in low and lower-middle income countries unless urgent action is taken to ensure every country had sufficient supplies and adequate access.

“At a time when richer countries have paid trillions in stimulus to prop up flagging economies, now is the moment to ensure vaccine doses are shared quickly, all barriers to increasing vaccine manufacturing are removed and financing support is secured so vaccines are distributed equitably and a truly global economic recovery can take place,” they said in a statement.

If vaccine manufacturing had been increased, enough doses were shared with poorer countries and they had similar vaccination rates to high-income countries, $38 billion could have been added to those nations’ 2021 GDP forecasts, according to the data, which was compiled under the “Global Dashboard for Covid-19 Vaccine Equity.”

The statement said a high price for vaccines “could put a…