Volkswagen Holds Annual Meeting on Environmental Impact and Sustainability

Larry Roesch VW is proud to be a local representative of the esteemed Volkswagen brand.

/ Volkswagen recently held a meeting that included over 350 energy experts representing 21 different Volkswagen manufacturing plants. The summit deemed the annual “Think Blue. Factory.” serves as a way for all the top energy researchers at Volkswagen to discuss the important issues facing the brand when it comes to sustainability and environmental impacts. As a certified Volkswagen dealership Larry Roesch Volkswagen is proud to report on the efforts set forth by VW to make their vehicles more environmentally friendly.

The main goals of this initiative are to improve the sustainability of all VW operations while also decreasing the impact that production has on the natural world. Back in December of 2011 all VW plants agreed to make changes in order to help reduce the amount of energy and water needed for production. This annual meeting gives experts the opportunity to discuss their progress, new ideas on energy conservation and help them figure out which strategies work well for the goals set forth.

Another important aspect of the “Think Blue. Factory” initiative is the honoring of successful solutions implemented in production plants across the globe. Awards include recognition for the plant with the lowest base load, which essentially is the factory that uses the least amount of energy; this year plants in Pamplona, Spain and Polkowice, Poland shared the award. The Polkowice plant also received an award for best performance in energy reduction over the previous year; the plant in Pune, India also garnered this recognition.

While the environmental impact of automobiles has always been a cause for concern, with efforts like those set forth by VW manufacturers can help to reduce their footprint and help to promote higher standards when it comes to sustainability. Whether it’s reducing the amount of wastewater created during the production process or reducing CO2 emissions from the cars themselves, there are many steps that can be taken in order to help lessen the harm done to the planet via manufacturing.

The staff at Larry Roesch Volkswagen is proud to represent VW, as they have demonstrated a commitment to improving their operations by implementing one of the more progressive environmental policies in the automotive world. For the latest VW models, as well as great service and maintenance, area drivers can visit their dealership