Was this the worst evening in Oscars trend historical past?

Was this the worst night in Oscars fashion history?

Written by Oscar Holland, CNN

This week marks two decades since Hollywood served up one of its worst-received red carpets of all time. On a night of big wins for “A Beautiful Mind” and the first “Lord of the Rings,” 2002’s Academy Awards were — in true Y2K style — awash with spaghetti straps, visible midriffs and shapeless eveningwear.
At the time, former Cosmopolitan editor Marcelle d’Argy Smith branded it a “night of fashion blunders,” before calling out several stars for their efforts. Julia Roberts, in a black Armani gown, looked “boring”; Whoopi Goldberg, who hosted the ceremony dressed like a glittering peacock, brought “a kind of circus element to the proceedings”; and Barbra Streisand was “swathed” in a velvet burgundy “wrap/tent/curtain.”

More damming reviews were saved for the year’s best supporting actress, Jennifer Connelly, who opted for a dishwater-colored tulle gown and not-quite-matching scarf (a shade described by Smith as “pale dung-colored,” and by Scripps Howard…