WB wetlands immersed in plastic air pollution

Cayman News Service


Volunteers for Sunday’s clean-up

(CNS): Local activists are raising the alarm about pollution in the West Bay wetland area after they discovered this weekend just how much plastic is finding its way into the remaining mangroves in the Safehaven area. Plastic Free Cayman, which organised the clean-up to mark World Biodiversity Day on Sunday, were joined by volunteers from various NGOs, and between them removed over 400 pounds of debris from the wetlands. The activists said that young mangroves were immersed in plastic and microplastic, and were growing around and through the bottle caps, cutlery, Styrofoam and plastic bags that were forming plastic patches. The activists said that the roots of these important species are being bombarded by trash.

Using kayaks to get into the wetlands, the volunteers found that virtually every mangrove area had plastic floating at the base of each tree.

The event was held to highlight the importance of the mangrove wetlands, PFC said…