We are Announcing a Correct Party Movement: The Wisdom Express.

We Have the Tea Party on the Right and the Occupy Wall Street movement on the Left. We are Announcing a Correct Party Movement: The Wisdom Express.

Please google, ‘http://brainwizard.wordpress.com/article/the-wisdom-express-2whdi0jnjfq1x-29/’.



We will start as soon as we get together a few members. We will start from Zuccotti park and move on to Liberty park in Philadelphia and from there to a spot across the White House and we will try to stay there for as long as it takes. Or we may occupy space just on every Saturday.

We will back the best practical agenda of the right and the left. We will respect one and all. We will not occupy any institution least of all try to embarrass the White House. We will occupy just a small space across from the White House. Our intention is not to occupy the White House but just to awaken the White House to our own proposals of how to take the country forward.

We believe the 1% are not the villains as the left believes and the 99% are not the bums the right believes. We need to work together and find the correct ground that works for all Americas. Together we will find the ways to not only stop the slide we will take America to even greater heights. We are still the greatest nation in the world and we will make sure America stays way ahead.

We will bring correctness/wisdom to our people’s aspirations to improve not just the policies of the government and the corporations but also rectify government and corporate leadership.

We will start with proposing improvements in the education agenda of the government. We will hand over to the government a list of proposals to reform education.

We will also educate the people at large how to choose wise leaders. All great leaders have wisdom. We will start a movement that will identify wise leaders that need to be our congressmen and senators. Leaders who will work for all America and not just for their own party’s ideology. Our main goal will be purifying government leadership by encouraging best possible authentic experts to join politics, even selfless citizens who are not career politicians. We will even conduct leadership seminars. In the meantime we will support only those leaders who pass the wisdom test.

The whole world is looking for answers for the current economic mess in the world. The fundamental cause of the economic mess as well as the mess of life in general boils down to just one cause: Most ills of society from crime, to group and individual relationships, from divorce to depression is caused by our emotional baggage. Our so called normal society needs to be made super normal. We have already figured out that the way out of our individual and governments’ economic holes is through emotional intelligence education which boils down to brain therapy on a mass scale. It is all about improving consciousness which means improving both the brain and the mind. Please google, ‘http://brainwizard.wordpress.com/article/self-image-therapy-2whdi0jnjfq1x-1284/’.

We know how to educate our minds/intelligence to the highest super mature level. We are confused on how to educate our brains/emotional intelligence to the super mature level. We do not even know the difference between brain and mind and are confused about the relationship between them.

Things are so bad that the greatest cutting edge scientist Prof. Steven Pinker has written a book, ‘How the Brain Works’ and yet he does not even attempt to explain the mind. Even High School psychology text books do not have a single chapter on the mind. So for science it is out of the question to even attempt teaching the mind to become emotionally super mature.

So main stream education is waiting to first define the mind, self, brain; all that is connected to consciousness before any really serious attempts are made to create emotional intelligence education. We have found that in order to make the brain and mind emotionally super mature we do not even need to know what the mind is! It is just like we do not need to know why water is water and what is water; all we need to know is how to harness the properties of water and for drinking water all we need to do is develop ways to make sure we have pure water. Similarly all we need to know is how to harness the properties of consciousness, brain, mind, and human nature etc. by making the brain/mind pure!

As we are crystal clear about regular education that develops intelligence we focus all our education efforts on educating our intelligence. We stay away from teaching emotional intelligence and even though we have now realized that emotional intelligence is as important as regular intelligence we still are not very clear how to teach emotional intelligence.

One of the biggest mistakes we make is to assume that education boils down to focusing on teaching emotional intelligence just like teaching math and science by imparting knowledge. In the case of math there is no emotional attachment to math ignorance and so the old entrenched ignorance regarding math is replaced with the new knowledge. In the case of emotional intelligence ignorance it is not like ignorance is stored in the brain which can be swiped away. Emotional intelligence knowledge is expressed in biochemical reactions and is constantly produced physically by the brain. It is like the new knowledge is put into a glass that not only has stale knowledge in it the glass/brain is producing stale knowledge perpetually so the new knowledge too becomes lost in ignorance and so teaching emotional intelligence in the conventional way has proven to be frustratingly impossible.

Lets start by defining emotional intelligence. Put simply emotional intelligence is an innate property of the brain where super mature emotional intelligence is an innate property of the pure brain. So to create super mature emotional intelligence all we need to do is educate the brain into becoming physically pure! A physically pure brain is an emotional baggage free brain. So emotional intelligence education boils down to removing emotional baggage from the brain! It is brain therapy pure and simple! Please google, ‘http://brainwizard.wordpress.com/article/self-image-therapy-2whdi0jnjfq1x-1284/’.

To fix all problems we will put every problem under the microscope of wisdom. Wisdom is the ability to know, understand, become and have the ability to live the truth/reality of life. For example putting the current economic mess under the microsope we found:

The cause of the current economic mess is that the government and the banks lent money unwisely and the people borrowed and spent the money unwisely. Putting this activity under the microscope of wisdom/reality/truth we found the following:

Unwise lending/borrowing/spending = unwise behavior = emotionally challenged behavior = emotionally challenged brain = emotional baggage.

So the fundamental cause of the current economic mess is the emotional baggage that generates emotionally challenged brains which produce emotionally challenged behavior which produces emotionally challenged leaders who push emotionally challenged bankers to lend money in an emotionally challenged manner to emotionally challenged people who borrow and spend this money in an emotionally challenged manner/unwisely. Thus emotionally challenged brains is the root cause of this economic mess and emotionally challenged leadership in government and the corporate world is an extension of this sickness. Please google, ‘http://brainwizard.wordpress.com/article/emotional-brain-garbage-ebg-2whdi0jnjfq1x-498/’

Both the Tea Party movement and the Occupy Wall Street were created for economic reasons. Our Wisdom Express is more than just for improving our economy. We are introducing the wisdom way out of this economic crisis by making the population wise and once we have a wise population we will also have wise leaders who will be leaders for all America. And wisdom will have a rippling effect on all life not just on our finances. We will have health, happiness and prosperity on a massive scale.

Those who want to join please email us at sajidalikhan2@gmail.com