What China actually means when it talks about NATO’s eastward enlargement

What China really means when it talks about NATO's eastward expansion


Now, as China faces pressure from the West to condemn the Russian invasion, it’s ramping up similar rhetoric to talk about America’s footprint in Asia.

In recent days, senior Chinese Foreign Ministry officials and influential Communist Party publications have accused the US of seeking to build a NATO-like bloc in the Indo-Pacific, with one official warning of “unimaginable” consequences if it does.

At a conference in Beijing on Saturday, Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Le Yucheng said the Ukraine crisis could be used as a “mirror” to view the security situation in the Asia-Pacific region.

Le didn’t name the US, but he explicitly referred to the Indo-Pacific strategy — a plan the Biden administration detailed last month to strengthen America’s role in the region, such as through supporting democracy and bolstering its alliances and partnerships, including with Taiwan.

Building “closed and exclusive small circles or groups” in the region “is as dangerous as the NATO strategy of eastward…