What do Indians take into consideration Rishi Sunak’s rise? Like UK-India relations, it is sophisticated

What do Indians think about Rishi Sunak's rise? Like UK-India relations, it's complicated



As Rishi Sunak made history this week by becoming Britain’s first Prime Minister of Indian descent, many in the South Asian nation were quick to congratulate the new leader – with some in the media even claiming him as their own.

India was once part of a British empire that stretched so far across the globe it was often said the sun would never set on it. But 75 years since the end of the British Raj, many Indian commentators gleefully pointed out how times have changed.

“Indian son rises over the empire. History comes full circle in Britain,” an NDTV headline said.

“From Age of Empire to Rishi Raj as Sunak moves into No 10,” thundered The Times Of India.

“India was [once] under the governance of Britain. Now, an Indian-origin man has become the Prime Minister of England,” a Zee News anchor said.

Others were more blunt about…