What if airplanes had been wider? Airplane inside idea re-imagines inflight seating

What if airplanes were wider? Plane interior concept re-imagines inflight seating

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(CNN) — You might not know that the standard for today’s airline seat sizing goes all the way back to 1954.

That’s when Boeing first flew the prototype that would lead to the jet age’s iconic 707.

As Boeing developed its aircraft families, it reused core elements like the fuselage, even as it developed new wings and engines.

For instance, the 727 was essentially a 707 but with the engines at the back. The 737 — still manufactured today — was and is essentially a 707 but with two engines instead of four.

The 707’s seats, arranged with six in each row in “tourist” or “coach,” as economy used to be called, were pretty good for 1954, but that was nearly 70 years ago.

You might not know a lot of people who…