What to anticipate from Friday’s jobs report

What to expect from Friday's jobs report

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Ahead of Friday’s closely watched jobs report, economists polled by Refinitiv say they are expecting job growth to have slowed in November, with just 200,000 positions added.

But while the recent wave of layoffs hitting the tech sector has dominated news cycles and triggered concerns that a larger reckoning may be on the horizon, labor economists say those concerns are overblown.

“All these announcements that you hear: 10,000 [layoffs] here and 10,000 there, are basically a very, very small fraction of the total employment,” said Daniil Manaenkov, an economic forecaster at the University of Michigan.

Despite a slew of deep cutbacks — primarily at tech companies and other firms that scaled up during the pandemic — and fears that this is the calm before the storm, the broader labor market has barely flinched.

“We’ve just…