Wheaton Connection: Jo-Anne V. Brown

Wheaton Connection: Jo-Anne V. Brown

The Caribbean wedding queen herself. – Photo: David Wolfe

If you’ve ever attended a wedding, upscale party or gala, odds are good you’ll be familiar with the work of events company Celebrations Ltd.

Known for extraordinary décor, design and floral arrangements, Celebrations has grown from a boutique operation into a premier provider of event goods and services. Behind it all is the creative mind and driving force of CEO Jo-Anne V. Brown.

Brown always had a knack for throwing parties, which is probably why a great friend of hers asked her to please organise a wedding for her years ago. Back then, there were not the rental options there are today, so, with over 200 guests invited, Brown had to beg restaurants and the like to lend chairs and tables enough to accommodate everyone. That kind of intuition and problem-solving ability has stood her in good stead ever since.

The first wedding was a big success, and it jump-started a business that began with a store in the corner of the…