When can we go on trip once more?

When can we go on vacation again?

(CNN) — After reaching an all-time high in January 2021, global coronavirus case numbers are beginning to drop.

Vaccination roll-outs are now underway around the world, but when it comes to the recovery of leisure travel, we’re a long way from being out of the woods.

While travel experts are optimistic that things will slowly begin to open up again this year, how quickly that happens will depend on where you are, where you want to travel to, and if the virus and its mutant strains are able to be brought under control.

With so much uncertainty afoot, the most advisable course of action in most parts of the world is still to stay safe and stay home.

There’s no danger, however, in looking towards the future. We asked experts to weigh in on the question of when the world will be able to go on vacation again and when, if ever, travel might return to normal.

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