When the pandemic introduced her enterprise to a halt, this chef tackled meals insecurity with farm-to-table meals

When the pandemic brought her business to a halt, this chef tackled food insecurity with farm-to-table meals


But when Covid hit, everything came to a halt.

“I didn’t know where my next penny was coming from,” said Ibraheem, who had to close down her business. “I didn’t know if I would be able to pay any bills.”

Pre-pandemic, Ibraheem had volunteered for years with youth programs in the Chicago area, teaching young people facing food insecurity how to grow and prepare vegetables from local community gardens.

As schools shut down and many people in the community were laid off or furloughed from their jobs, she started receiving phone calls from families of children she taught.

“Parents were calling to see if we were doing our ‘young chef’ camps, and at first, I thought they were looking for activities for their kids. But I quickly realized they were looking for a meal,” she said.

As a result of the pandemic, it is estimated that food insecurity has tripled among US households with children, according to the Institute for Policy Research at Northwestern University. It is projected that 42…