Why are younger individuals getting sick with Covid-19 in Brazil?

Why are young people getting sick with Covid-19 in Brazil?


She was alone when she passed away in a Rio de Janeiro Hospital — her mom, Maria da Penha da Silva Siqueira, thinks about that often.

“It never crossed our mind that it would happen to her,” said da Silva Siqueira. “It was too fast. This virus does not let us say goodbye.”

Da Silva, who left behind a 4-year-old son, died of Covid-19 in June of last year. At the time, hers was a slightly more unusual death.

But since the new year, Brazil has descended into its worst days of this pandemic so far. Daily death and case numbers have shattered previous records.

And amid that surge, a worrying pattern has emerged—more young people seem to be getting severely ill and dying from Covid-19, doctors tell CNN.

The question is why: Is a new variant infecting more young people and making them sicker? Are young people behaving in ways that make them more likely to become infected? Could it be some combination of both?

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