Why We Are Unique

Cayman Mama is a news release distribution service that stands apart from sites with similar features for a variety of reasons. Sites like PRWeb in theory possess some of the same characteristics as CaymamMama, however, we offer a broader perspective to the readers that help them better identify our news service with their needs.

One of our most noticeable characteristics is that we focus on helping businesses and corporations have more affordable access to an online resource with a large readership for administering news about their products and services. We have a global presence that reaches viable consumer markets and contributes to improving the knowledge base of traders, exporters, importers, and other business communities around the world. This is extremely beneficial for helping US based individuals; in general, evaluate business opportunities in far off regions such as Asia and the Caribbean. We also aim to provide news and information about government and private businesses in one platform.

Another feature beneficial to both readers and customers is our search engine optimization for every release sent out. We tailor announcements and stories to get picked up by search engines and generate quality links, which is our most distinguishable feature from PRWeb. Part of this service includes educating customers about the value online PR and social media can have on their company, by drastically increasing traffic to their website. Our new affiliation with the well-established Trans World News will help facilitate even bigger exposure. We also use PRWeb and other news sites to syndicate our news. Since first and foremost we have expertise in search engine optimization having achieved page 1 ranks on Google, Yahoo and MSN for very competitive terms we are able to offer search engine optimized press releases to our clients.

Overall, our aim is to provide in depth information to the world’s business players, assisting them with making educated business decisions, and using the least expensive means possible to exchange news. For this reason, we have a Strategic Sales Team in 3 locations:

  • Cayman Islands covering the Caribbean
  • Karachi Pakistan covering Asia
  • Dallas covering the United States

With roots in three major markets, we will offer News Wire Services using a team of news/PR crafters to create marketing-based product/service reviews specific to each region.

For example:

  • Pakistan News Desk – This will help bridge the gap between the Pakistan export and import trades markets, and improve the awareness of the products and services available in the region.
  • The same method will be used for the Caribbean region to help promote tourism and trade by promoting businesses in the Caymans and the other major islands in the Caribbean.